Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries….

So it’s funny how the oddest things can come to you…

Where do we conjure this stuff up ?

why this phrase… I don’t know, but if you know the reference, I know you’ll laugh.  The last time I saw this movie was in Albany, New York.  I was asked to go to the Palace Theater, a grand old theater that still had a stage and the ornate decorations.  And it was this Theater where they played the movie.  Considering this movie was created before HD, or Dolby, or any other movie technology.  But here it is, playing in this larger than life theater. In the audience that evening, were some obvious die-hard Monty Python fans, and as can be expected, they recited the movie.  Of course most movie goers that evening recited the above line.   Seriously how could you not ?

The wonderful thing about the internet is that you can now act on all those instantaneous thoughts and ideas and go relive them… but do they have the same meaning.  Does it mean the same when you laugh at your computer screen, or if you are in a large theater where hundreds of others are laughing along with you ?  You tell me.

Regardless of the answer, go ahead and have a smile and a laugh anyway.  You’re worth it.

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