Fate ?

So… recently I had dinner with a friend. During dinner the discussion about fate came up.

I could be opening up a can of worms with this, but here goes….

Divine plan, Fate, or just dumb luck, whatever you call it. I know for me I hardly believe in it, but I’m compelled to acknowledge it. Do I think that things happen for a reason, my answer is Yes ! So you might be thinking why the reluctance to believe in a higher order. Well to start off with, if you think about it from a scientific view, then that would mean that someone with an incredible skill for planning has set you, and 4 billion other people on this planet, not to mention all those that have come before us on a single plan. I can barely plan my way out of the grocery store let alone an entire life time (times 4 billion), add interactions, etc… Ugh ! the complexity is hurting my brain. So does that mean that there is this thing called Fate, and what the hell is it any way ? To think that we were destined to meet the people we meet, have the experiences we were meant to have. I can hardly believe it, yet there it is happening all the time. On the days that you are feeling the most down on life, along comes someone that gives you what you needed most. Is it because we are more receptive to the idea, or we are a magnet for something good to come along ? or its it just ‘fate’ ? and when I say fate, you can call it whatever you want, fate, divine plan, call it what you believe in.

If this thing called fate truely surrounds us then, my fly in the ointment over this is… where does freedom of choice come in ? Do we have any control over our lives, or has everything been predetermined ? Is it worth me toiling over some decision or has that decision already been made and I simply need to follow through with the actions ?

My friend kindly pointed out some incongruities in my theory. I have the belief that there are Old Souls and New Souls, a concept that by its very nature means that reincarnation and a higher order exists. Ya, ok, so I’m inconsistent/incongruous. Can we selectively choose bits and pieces, sort of like “I’ll À la carte my faith thanks. I, take a small of the Reincarnation theory, and go light on the Buddhism… ” Believe in what you want to believe in. I’m certainly not here to judge you…

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