Fantastic Memories….

So do you ever think back… the people in your life that helped shape you. The people that gave you the idea, the idea that you took in to make yourself better. Either their attitude towards you, your family, or your interests, or just the way they carried themselves through their life.

I’ve had a number of such instances. One, is our friend Denis. I was fortunate enough to meet Denis through Janet. When I met Denis he was 28, which is old for someone with CF (Cystic fibrosis). He had lived longer than the majority of people who have CF. Denis’ outlook on life was simple, he wanted to see as much of the world as he could. And he tried ! He was a very smart guy, he had his Accounting designation, and also a Computer system diploma. But to Denis, education was only a means to an end. See Denis only worked as long as he had to. He then quit, and off he traveled. He traveled as long as he had available money. Once the money ran out, he came home, found another job, and repeated the cycle. Denis always shared his adventures with us and the stories he had to tell were fantastic. Seriously, who do you know that has a stamp in their passport from Checkpoint Charlie ? Unfortunately CF caught up with Denis. I miss him terribly, but he has instilled in us the drive to see the world. See, the way I look at it, is Denis knew he had a limited time on this planet, and he made the most of it. Ok, so does his situation differ from ours ? Absolutely Not ! Do you know how many days you have on this planet ? Of course not ! Is there a lesson here ? Yup, and I think that Denis’ influence on our life is pretty obvious. Thank you Denis.

I can find other examples of this in my life. In fact, one of my friends has a phrase he got from his Father-in-law, “Go more, See more” I’ll explain that one in the future.

I’m sure that you can think of other people in your life that have shaped who you are. They may have shaped your morals, your attitude towards life, other people or even how you think and make decisions. Obviously I’d be completely remiss if I didn’t mention my own parents, who were and still are the largest influence on who I am.

Maybe its worthwhile to stop and remember those that have touched your life. If it so happens that those people are no longer here. Maybe its all the more reason to think about them and thank them. You are who you are because of them.

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2 Responses to Fantastic Memories….

  1. Lisa says:

    This is something very important to me. I truly value everyone that comes into my life, no matter how long or short the visit is. I think that we have so much to share and learn from one another. It’s wonderful that you are congnisant of the impact and influence that people have on us.

    I’m enjoying these posts Randy, keep them coming. 🙂

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