So this cute gal walks into a sushi bar…

If you are thinking this is a start of a joke ?  well you may be partially correct.

I go out for dinner, and because I arrived late last night and because I’m tired I don’t feel like venturing out too far to get some food, luckily there is a little sushi place just across the street from the hotel. Remember my earlier comment on the ‘commuting corridor’. Anyway, I see a gal come into the place. I’m at the sushi bar. Trust me if you are eating alone, if you want to make it look like you are not completely desperate, you go to the bar. Well this gal goes to sit at the bar (apparently she is a traveler as well).  The reception she is getting from the male staff is admittedly warmer than my reception. Rightfully so, she’s cuter, and she has breasts ! She is there for about 5 minutes and queue entry of a “Norm” like character. The staff all know his name, so clearly he is a regular. He proceeds to tell cute gal that she is sitting where he normally would, which gives Norm free licence to pony up beside cute gal. Thanks to a texting friend, Norm wouldn’t have said squat if you replace cute gal with balding fat guy with over grown nose hairs.  5 min later they are hitting off a great conversation.  I make it look like I’m texting or reading email on my smart phone.  I watch for a bit.  I’ve already paid for my bill.  Another minute passes. Queue Randy’s exit.  (“I’m sorry but you’ve thrown off the Emperor’s Groove….. soooorrryyyyyyyyyy  <as old guy sails out window to long drop>”)

Is this a joke ?  Actually this is and many other things are some of the events you get to witness if you travel and have the joy of eating alone.  Was it fun to watch? well of course it was.  Eat alone and you get to witness this and a number of other stupid human tricks.

Time for you to go out and find them…   Maybe the next post will be my plane stories…. I bet you have a few of these too.

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