Do you ever wonder what happened to innocence ?

I had the fortune of being invited out for dinner this past week and I got to see
My friends that I haven’t seen in quite a while. I got to watch their kids play in the pool. Now take yourself back. Remember when you couldn’t wait until you got out of school and then the first few days of summer vacation and you had all these ideas of what you were going to do… Thats the innocence I’m talking about. Life was pretty easy back then. The biggest disappointment was the fact that the sun was still up and you were being told to go to bed 😦 who made that rule ?

Well fast forward a few years. Look around… How much innocence do you see/experience now? And in fact when we associate innocence we usually associated it to being naive. And being naive usually has a negative connotation.

I’m just as guilty as the next person for doing this. I admit that. But then there are those moments when you get to just be free for a while. Today my work ended a bit early, which is very unusual in my profession. I have a flight to catch so I would be heading towards SFO (San Francisco international airport) when a co-worker suggested that we head into SF early and wander around. What a fabulous idea. So we walked around the Fisherman’s Wharf area… There was a light breeze, warm sun and spectacular views. It reminded me of those carefree days at the start of summer vacation.

So what am I trying to say… Is it a matter that innocence is all around us and we really just need to take a minute or two to realize that it is and soak it up or engage in it ? I know for me, today was a bit of a realization that the excessive hours are not conducive to being innocent. Maybe it’s time to figure out how to balance that. Whatever the solution, maybe try to think of the last time you experienced innocence. Truely experienced and not vicariously thru someone else.

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