Do you choose your religion or does it choose you ?

I could be opening up a can of worms here, but let’s have some fun with this instead.

What do you believe in ?


Do you think there is a higher order ?  a God ?

Why is it that you think this way?

I’m not trying to make you justify this.  I just want you to think about it.  Do you think that after we die that we are going somewhere else.  That our consciousness will leave what we know and go into some other plane of existence ?  I have my opinions on this, of course, but what do you believe in?   I’ve discussed this before… but I think that there are some people that are wise beyond their years.  I know of a few.  I think that they are Old Souls.  A concept that is rooted in Reincarnation, that when die, we come back, until we have learned all we can so that we reach Nirvana.   So why do I believe in this ?  I think that it’s my scientific thought process that justified it into the most rational method.  Of course, if you feel so inclined, prove me wrong.

Don’t get me wrong, I went to Catholic schools from grades 1 thru 12.  I get it, the Christian religion was drilled into me at every turn.  From having to say the Lord’s Prayer every day at the start of school, to having to go to church.  Do I go to church now ? usually only for Weddings, thanks, and I’m good with that.  I’m not saying its bad, its just not for me.  I think it started in Grade 12 when my Religious studies teacher and I had a rather heated argument.  He felt that I needed to live my life by the Bible.  A noble idea, but one that I was not particularly inclined to do.  I think that the Bible has some very interesting stories and advice, but I prefer to make my own choices, Thank you very much.  Needless to say, I didn’t do well in this class.  But I think that this is where I started to think about what other alternatives are actually out there.  And there are plenty.  Far be it for me to talk about or even critique what you believe in.  And as such, I don’t expect you to believe in what I believe in.  And quite frankly, as mentioned previously, I seem to have À la carted my beliefs anyway, so clearly following me isn’t necessarily the right thing to do.

I could certainly spout off about the religions in the world, and for what its worth, when ever there was a major shift in religions around the world, there has usually been bloody conflict that is associated to it.  Only once in the history of man has there ever been a shift in a societies religion and not been a major uprising.  And that was Akhenaten – Pharaoh of the Eighteenth Dynasty of Egypt.  His claim to fame was moving Egyptian polytheism and introducing worship centered on the Aten, or a single deity.  Sound like something you believe in ?   a single deity.

Anyway this isn’t a history lesson, this was meant for you to think about what you believe in… believe in what you want.  Take whatever you want from the various religions. I do.  For example, I live my life by the Golden Rule (One should treat others as one would like others to treat oneself).  Or you can have a singular belief.  Its your choice, just be certain of why you chose it.

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