The space between your ears

So if you go around this world with blinders on, you will only see what is directly in front of you.  I know… profound huh?  Well not really, its pretty obvious, but I think that we all do it to some degree.  You may do this for a number of reasons.  One, you have too much input and processing all of what you see/hear/feel/etc, may be overwhelming.  Or maybe you are stuck in a rut, the same routine day after day, week after week, or maybe its a case that you haven’t been shown what is outside yet.  Or maybe its something completely different… Whatever your reason…

What would happen if you took off those blinders, what would happen if you looked around ?  Would you see something different ?  Would you be able to understand what that all-in-your-head-home-page-1-190759_274x239difference is ?  The best question is, would you want to experience more of those differences ?  (Go More, See More)

I’m not here to criticize you, your decision process, or how you live your life.  I can only tell you what I think, express my opinions and maybe, just maybe show you something you hadn’t thought of, or you had thought of, but you needed a little motivation, a push per se.

I’m a fairly observant person.  Although some would argue that I miss a few things along the way.  I’m ok with that interpretation.  But there is one thing that I’m key on.  When I hear a really great quote, I tend to remember it.  For example: A few years back, while practicing Yoga, Kellie was my instructor this particular day, she said “…. that you live your entire life in the space between your ears”, now why she would say this in a yoga class is really beyond me, but none the less there it was.  So, on a physical level, well of course you do.  All of your sensory input comes into your brain and is processed there.  You think about what it is you feel/taste/see/hear… all in that little space.  Your entire world is lived there.  But I think this is more than that.  Your entire interpretation of this large planet, is right there, right in that little space.  So how do you interpret the world?  Your world ?

So why do I want to take my opinions from my little space and influence your opinions ?  treesBecause I care about you.  I am an admitted optimist, I want to make the world a better place.  I think I’ve always been an optimist, but haven’t always been forthcoming on how best to convey it.  I’m still working on it… but one thing I can be certain of is this.  I will always try to help my friends.  I witnessed this more than a couple of times, when others help out.  Whether that is a drunken evening and holding back hair as they heave, or by taking someone out for a night of conversation to help them forget about their crappy week (this will be a future post).

So what message do you want to convey from the space between your ears to others ?  Or would you like your message to be a bit more selfish?  Where you go out, and you gain those experiences that you should be gaining.  I think that you’ll find that even if you are selfish, you will likely be impacting others in a positive way if you have the right intention as you execute your ideas.  I know that after you gain your experiences, you’ll be a richer person for it, and by default, you’ll convey those ideas onto someone else.  Those others will look to you for their inspiration.   How does that make you feel about the space between your ears ?

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