Turn your face into the sun…

Tell me this… who doesn’t love a warm summer day.  So what is it that you love about a 189877_315568698555824_1547927388_nwarm summer day ?  The fact that its warm, or are you like me and you remember the warm summer days as a child…. that you likely didn’t have a care in the world ?  Or was it certain smell of a warm summer day, maybe a particular flower bloomed and the smells were overpowering ?

So what do you do on warm summer days, days where you don’t have to work ?  Do you engage in your favourite summer sport ?   or do you just lay on the grass and look for the shapes in the clouds ?  How do you make the most of that time, and for most of us, there is very little time to make something of.

Regardless of the amount of time I have… I still love warm summer days.  I remember, as a kid, I had the fortune of having the entire summer with my Dad.  See my dad was a school teacher, so he got the entire summer off.  We had a cottage at a lake and that is where I’d spend my entire summer.  Or at least the entire summer when we didn’t have to travel to Kamsack to go see my Grandparents.  I remember my summer’s as being very carefree.  I could go into the lake any time I wanted I could swim or do basically whatever I wanted to.  I think it was a great way to grow up, and I’m eternally grateful for the environment that was afforded to me during those years. Back then I didn’t have to concern myself with some of today’s trivialities… ie: sunscreen.  I know that the entire summer was always a warm sunny day, but certainly the ones with the most memories tend to be.  I also remember having a fair amount of time to myself, to just set off and explore.  Walk, or take my bike anywhere.  Again, back then it really didn’t matter where I went it was all safe then.

Thinking back, there is one action that I know I’ve performed from as early as I can remember.  In fact I still do this to this day.  The action is, closing my eyes, and turning my face into the sun.  I am usually smiling.  I love the feeling.  Its as if the warmth has reached my soul.  I get the same feeling today by doing this as I did as a child.  Give it a try sometime.  See if you can feel the warmth.    This may or may not work for you, but it is a simple action that really sets my soul at ease.  Is there simple action that you do that makes you feel this way ?  Maybe try turning your face into the sun (just make sure you close your eyes).

I’ve heard a few songs where there are lines about turning your face into the sun, I always wonder what others find soothing about this.  There is also a Maori Proverb that says  “Turn your face to the sun and the shadows fall behind you.”  Make what you will of this action, but for me it always makes me feel at peace, if only for a few minutes.hammock_clouds-resized-600

If turning your face into the sun doesn’t work for you, maybe you should try find a patch of grass, and stare at the clouds and find shapes in them.  When was the last time you did this ?  Maybe its time to take a bit of time and let your imagination take over… maybe this can warm your soul…

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