Comments and encouragement.

So now that I have a few blog posts, I’ve been receiving a few comments both via the responses and by instant messages and text messages.

I’m really not sure why I started blogging but I’m finding that I am really enjoying putting my thoughts down. Even though I think that I’m asking questions of you, the reality is I’m forcing myself to answer those questions before typing them out. Sometimes the topics/subjects are pretty clear to me even before I start. Other times I find that I’m making it up on the fly. Regardless, I find that even if I know the content, there is usually concepts introduced that I hadn’t initially thought of prior to starting the blog.

One thing I have gotten encouragement for, is that I shouldn’t stifle the creative process. I’m not sure what my creative process is, but I think that I’ll opt to try to let ideas come to me. And try to express my opinions about those ideas. I was also told recently that even though I expressed an opinion, and suggested what others should do, I neglected to tell others what or how I was going about to accomplish my goals/opinions. Good call on that. Which is completely true. I look back at my last post and even though I suggested that people get a Bucket List, I made nary a suggestion of what I had planned for myself. I hadn’t really looked at it this way, but in future I’ll keep that in mind to make sure that you at least get a hint as to my goals. I doubt I’ll share my deepest darkest secrets in this forum, but I think it’s fair if I at least allow you a glimpse of what I’m thinking about, especially if I’m asking you the tough questions and expecting you to do your own reconciliation.

I was also asked how long it took me to put together a blog entry. For the most part I can usually sit down and 30-60 minutes later it’s done. That being said. There are more than a couple entries that I’ve started and are currently sitting in draft. I started my thoughts and then for what ever reason the concept left me, or I couldn’t find a point to drive towards. So not everything that I post is crystal clear to me when I start, or during the ‘creative’ process when I’m writing it.

The one thing I’ve found is that I received comments from some people that I would have thought wouldn’t have been interested at all in this. I’m honored by this and in future I hope that what you find here will be something you enjoy reading and will continue to come back to. I welcome your comments and suggestions. Sometimes this can feel pretty one-sided (ie: me nattering on). Regardless if you want to make comments or not, that is your prerogative. If you want to send me messages on the side. I welcome those too. The only thing I ask of you is to be honest with yourself and to be open to a different way of thinking as you read along.

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One Response to Comments and encouragement.

  1. Jodie says:

    I want to thank you for doing this. I am really enjoying reading them!

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