Breaking away from the routine.

And just like that….

You ever wonder where the time went or what just happened.  Yup, life happens in an instant.

To showcase this point…

On a daily basis I deal with anywhere from 20-60 emails.  I’m constantly reading, trying to figure out what people want and trying to interpret where they are going with this and trying to figure out… what am I supposed to do about this.  Sometimes its obvious and other times its obscure.  Oh but wait, it doesn’t stop there.  I have people that ping me over instant messenger, both personal and work.  I get a few of those every day (ie: 30-50).  Don’t forget text messages, and seemingly every other type of communication.  Oh, don’t forget the always faithful, Face to Face !  Add meetings, etc….

So based on that, its no wonder that at the end of the day I feel exhausted.  I guess this is the environment that I work in.  Repeat this day after day and then week after week.  Well, you get the idea, and all of a sudden life whips by in what appears to be an instant.

So what does a person do to break out of this ?5888813368_7c50418f91

As with most programs (ie: Alcoholics Anonymous), the first step in the program is to realize that there is a problem.  So, what do you think?  is this type of routine a problem or are you comforted in the fact that you have a routine ?

I’m a creature of habit just like most of us are.  I admit it.  My routine may differ from yours, as I travel to airports and utilize planes for my commuting, but after that it’s all in all its pretty much the same thing.

Then there are those 2 short days at the end of the week to rush around and get all the things done that you weren’t able to accomplish during the week, or that would have taken too much time during the week to complete.  Or you try to do those experiences that you couldn’t over the week because, like me, you are just too damn tired.  Then you are back into another work week.  And repeat the cycle.  Oh I forgot the ever present vacation… the 2-3-4 weeks that you get away from the regular routine, to “Live”

However, I’m deviating from my subject.  Breaking away from the routine.  I know for myself, I’m a very committed little worker. I usually try to be into work early, I stay late, I very seldom take full lunch breaks, and coffee breaks went away for me long ago.  I have long since stopped thinking that I wanted to climb a corporate ladder.  So why is it that I still have this undying commitment to work ?  To be honest, I’m not really sure why.  Likely its a product of my upbringing.

GLIndo6I know that I have established my Priorities,  and based on the priorities, you would think that I would be more in tune with making sure that I do break away from the routine.  One line that I’ve heard in the past is “Are planes going to fall out of the sky or are babies going to die if you don’t show up to work”.  I know its a bit of a drastic line, but it goes to the point that really, how indispensable are you ?  My first job, I worked with a Polish fellow named Jack.  Through Jack’s thick accent, he explained to me the Jack Indispensability Test.  Here’s how Jack explained it to me.  Take a glass of water.  Stick your finger into the water.  Pull your finger out.  Does the imprint of your finger remain in the water… if it does, then you are truely indispensable.  I love it !  Nothing like someone telling you, on your first job, that you can be replaced in an instant.   Thanks Jack !

So, back to the question at hand.  What are you going to do to break out of the/your routine ?  Do you even want to ?  I know for me I’m reviewing ways in which I can still be the Rock Star at work, and be able to take time out to smell the roses.  For me, I’m thinking that now is the time to start living.  What am I waiting for ?

And just like that…. my short life will be over, and I need to be able to say, “I’ve done all the things I think I should have”

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