The Inner Light

Do you ever notice that there are those that have a presence about them ?


Their effervescence shines through. You just can’t help but notice it. At any gathering, they light up a room, they are some how intoxicating to be around. You go out of your way just to be associated to them. Maybe it’s their personality, maybe it’s their ideals. Whatever it is, it’s something that you just want to be around.  Its as if they glow, is it their smile, is it the way their eyes light up when they talk.  There are usually some things that attract you to them, and to use a bad analogy “like the moth to the flame”. You are drawn towards them.

I have a term for this, I call this an Inner Light.

Call it whatever you like, but this is the term I use.  I know for me, there is a something about these people I just don’t understand.  I don’t understand how they have this ability to shine.   I know that I’m scarcely doing the explanation any service by my feeble attempts to describe it here.   However, its something that I see.  Not frequently, but when I do, it leaves a lasting impression on me.  Do you know what I’m talking about here ?

Do you know someone like this ?  I have been fortunate in my life to meet more than a few people that would fall into the above categories.  I’ve also had some of my friends categorize me into the above as well.  I think understand why, as I have a personality that will attract a few people.  Not always, and for me, its almost as if I need to be in the right setting.  There are some settings where I feel like I’m in a sea, and in those cases, I’d prefer to be unnoticed.

I’ve said this in the past “I believe that some people possess an inner peace or inner light.  I haven’t found a mirror yet that would tell me if I do or if I don’t.  I like to think that I do, but in reality I don’t think my light shines as brightly as it does in others. ”  Found on my FB notes page.


I like to think that I do have an inner light… but I really don’t know how to examine it, or quantify it.  Maybe by me making a comparison of my light to someone else’s and not really even knowing what my light looks like is a bit of a miscalculation/misinterpretation on my part.  Regardless, I still think that some of the people that I know have a light that shines so brightly its hard to not notice.  I think you need to be open to this concept before you can witness what I’m referring to.  10 years ago I doubt I would have even noticed.  So what changed ?  Maybe it was the fact that I am comfortable in my skin.  I know who I am and I’m willing to accept it.  When you do this, a number of ideas/ideals open up for you.  You take notice of things that maybe you had ignored or were blind to in the past.

So what do you see when you interact with people ?  Do you see an inner light within them ?  I know I do… and maybe over time I can slowly figure out what they posses that makes that light shine as brightly as it does.  Until then, I’m happy to be associated with these individuals and to bask in the warmth of their light.

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One Response to The Inner Light

  1. Jodie says:

    Beautiful. I strive for that inner light…and I try to surround myself with people who have it also. It is a true gift to “shine” on another human being, because your light is reflected back. Randy – you are warm and kind and your smile radiates. I always remember your smile.

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