Old Souls

oldsoul1Do you ever notice that there are those that you meet that have a wisdom beyond their years. They are the type of person that will recognize what to do and will know the right things to say. They are the type of person that just “knows”, they “know” what is going on and they understand how others are impacted and how they feel. How is it that they know this?

From what I’ve seen, most of these individuals haven’t lived long enough to have the benefit of experience. I realize that life for everyone has its curves. I fully expect that there are those that have had unexpected changes in their lives and have learned from these experiences. These are obviously experiences that I may or may not have had. However, what I’m talking specifically is that there are those that have a knowledge of how to comprehend a situation, read it, understand it, and then they can clearly articulate it, and talk intelligently about it, as if they have in fact experienced it themselves. Have you met individuals like this ? I have, and let me tell you its both freaky and amazing at the same time. Why do I think its freaky, just talk to someone that is, and you’ll understand. They speak about a subject with such clarity and well formed thoughts, yet, you know they haven’t actually had the experience.

I call these people Old Souls. I have mentioned in the past that I don’t have a single belief. In other words, I don’t believe in a single religion. I know, go ahead and call me blasphemous. However, based on all my experiences, I have seen too much to say that one religion is the right religion. I’m not about to get into a discussion on religion here. Suffice to say that I pull bits and pieces from a number of religions and that’s what I believe in. You believe in what you want. I’m ok with my beliefs. But I’m way off topic on this.

Back to my Old Soul discussion. Have you met a person that you believe has an old soul ?

Someone that is young enough, or inexperienced enough, but yet has knowledge surpassing their years or their experiences. Now, I’ve had a discussion with several of my friends about this very topic. Some are avid believers in this. Some, do not believe in it whatsoever, and actually can explain several things about it in a more scientific approach. I’d be remiss if I didn’t at least throw up an argument about this. I have one friend, that when I suggested that they could be an old soul, immediately dismissed the idea. They suggested that there is no such thing and then they went into great detail on technically how they could clearly articulate points and have the image that they were wise beyond their years. They claimed that with their education and by amassing experiences and learning from those experiences that you can, at a very early age start to appear like you are an old soul, but really you aren’t because you are using your intelligence and experiences. A valid argument, however, how many of us, from an early age, remember all of our experiences and can draw upon them quickly to formulate hypothesis and then clearly articulate those ideas in a clear and coherent/logic fashion ? Maybe you can… I think I like my much more simple solution of the Old Soul ideal.

I think want I want to find out from you is, do you believe in Old Souls? If so, how do you identify them. How is it you can recognize these people that have a wisdom/knowledge beyond their years ? Or do you think that it is something else that these people possess?

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One Response to Old Souls

  1. Jo says:

    I do believe in old souls. I think the story that sticks with me is of the grandson of a friend of mine (who was maybe 2yrs. old at the time). we were at his grandparents & there was an old wagon there & he told me this story of how he & his papa would hitch the horses to the wagon & ride up the hill & the story went on in great detail. Now he may have heard people talk about horses & wagons but he was just too articulate for his age & he had such a wistfull look in his eye….there have been other people I’ve come across over the years that I believe are old souls—I think its just a wisdom that they have at too young an age—-
    Personally I believe in past lives—some of us remember some of us don’t—

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