The Giggles.

Ok, so some of you may find this post funny… some of you may find this post odd.

Either way, it really doesn’t matter to me. I’m just going to tell you what happens… I said in one of my previous posts that there is likely things you don’t share about yourself because you may not like what others will say about you. On this topic, I don’t really care what you think of me. I’m ok if you want to judge me, and I’m comfortable with who I am.

You may read this post, and think, this has never happened to me, or yes, this has happened and its a riot.

wallace-shawn-maniacal-laughterSo here goes…

Ok, so every now and again when I’m in my hotel room, I’ll be at my laptop/iPad, and I will have my instant messenger session running. Someone is usually on-line to chat too. I will be engaged in some conversation, and invariably there will be a comment that will come out. Yup, I’ll find it funny, in fact very funny. Let me set the stage for you… its usually late night.  Usually the trigger is, excessive exhaustion, add sugar and some really innocuous comment from a friend as I’m chatting with them on-line.   This definitely is the recipe for The Giggles.  The giggles for me can usually last anywhere from 3 to 30 minutes.. and its pretty much uncontrollable.

One weeks giggle-fest so happened that there was no sugar involved. I’m not sure what the comment that my friend provided… however the giggles started… 30 minutes later, I still can’t gain composure over this… I have the full on giggles. Included is the sore tummy muscles, and sore cheeks.

For the most part the giggles are limited to the evening… the next day I’m usually (somewhat more) rested. However the next day, I am online with one of my managers… he sends some really funny comment… and there I go again… I’m so thankful that I have an office with a door… I have to close the door while I giggle for a good 10 minutes, cheeks hurt, tears in the eyes type of giggling.

Ok, I admit that my scenario is a bit unique, however has this ever happened to you ? You started laughing and you just couldn’t regain your composure ? I think the first time this happened to me. I was in a restaurant called The Stinkin’ Rose in San Francisco. I was out with a group of co-workers. We were a large group and a guy named Dean was beside me. We got along famously. We had dinner which was fabulous and the desert came. Dean had ordered a chocolate mouse, I wasn’t looking at him and them I turned around. He had a look of utter hurt and dismay, he holds up his finger, that has a healthy amount of chocolate mouse, and says “hemeroids”. It’s at this point I loose it. I’m laughing, uncontrollably. The rest of the group wonders what is so funny. Dean and I laugh for a good 15 minutes later over this one. Just couldn’t stop. The joke would have likely long faded for most, but there we are still cracking up over this one.

I love it when it happens. I don’t think its anything to be ashamed of, or anything you need to hide. Laughing for me has always been incredibly therapeutic.  I think that most of us should laugh more often.
To those that contributed to all my little giggle-fests, Thank you for making the comments. And to those that contributed to my two really awesome giggle-fests through the week, thank you as well.

I have talked to some of my friends… some don’t get it and some do, to those that do… I’m glad to hear that I’m not the only one that when the giggles set in, that sometimes you just have to ride them out, there’s no stopping the giggles.

Maybe its time for you to get a case of the giggles… or just have a really good laugh with some friends !  I’m talking the cheeks hurting, and tears falling type laughter !

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