Right Now.

Right now….

Right now, what could you be doing ?


I rediscovered this little phrase (Right Now) almost by fluke. See, it’s the name of a Van Halen song from the early 90’s. Back in the 80’s and 90’s the big thing was to have a memorable video to generate sales for the album. Van Halen was one of those groups that did videos, but most Van Halen videos were certainly not that memorable, except for this one .


If you’ve seen the Right Now video then you’ll understand. All throughout the video, there are captions displayed over the images. All of the captions start with “Right Now…”. For example: Right Now, your parents miss you.

I really like the phrase. I think it gives some immediacy to what ever comes after it. For example: Right Now, you could be outside. See what I mean. I also like that the phrase could also be used to spur you into action.

So what are you doing Right Now ? Well you are reading this blog entry, but what comes next ? Often times we make plans and work to achieve them. However the plans are usually the big items. Think of it this way, you have a large jar, and you have rocks, gravel and sand. Your big plans are usually your rocks. So go ahead put those into your jar. What’s next ? The gravel and the sand. Well what are your gravel and sand activities ? To me, these are your Right Now activities. The gravel and sand will help fill in the remaining spaces in your jar. The jar being your life or the time in your life. So do you place a priority on your gravel and sand activities ? Do you value them as much as your rocks. In the past I think that I placed a emphasis on the rocks. I would make plans and pine away for the time when it was time to execute my plans. Caring very little for the gravel and sand activities. Do you do this ?

I think that if you are continually focused on the rocks activities then you will continue to let the gravel and sand activities slide by. I think that I did this because I was continually focused on destination. I think that now, I’m starting to focus on the journey and not necessarily the destination. Don’t get me wrong I am still working towards the destination, I’m just finding that the destination itself is not the only goal. It’s all the things that you do along the way that define who you are. A person with a full life will see that they have a full jar, not only without spaces, but that they also can provide meaning and purpose to the smaller items, like the gravel and sand. What does your jar look like? Do your gravel and sand activities have memorable moments associated to them ? If not then why not ? Are you ok with that ?

I like to think that my jar doesn’t have many spaces and that the gravel and sand activities are memorable and are enriching to my life. Yes, I understand that you can’t fill every minute of your life with memorable activities. But I would hope that there are more than a few activities/moments that you can look back on and think fondly. So what am I going to do Right Now? Right Now, I’m going to finish this blog entry. Next, I’m thinking that I want to do something that I will remember and that is important to me. I want to go make my gravel and sand activities memorable and important.

What do you want to do Right Now ?

Just remember, Right Now keeps happening.

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