What if ?


What if…

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Do you ever ask this question ? Do you ever think, What if… ? What if things were different ? What would you change. What if you could go back and change a decision that you made in the past. What would you change ? Why would you change it ? Is it too late to make that change now ? I bet it isn’t. In my work world, I work on projects. At some point in time, I get to depart the project. The people that I leave behind are always amazed that I can shift gears to be on a different project and just start working with new people. But often times I get the response of… “Once you leave, we’ll blame you for everything”. My response to this is simply, you can blame me for 3 weeks, in fact you can blame me for everything if you like. But after the 3 weeks, you can no longer blame me. Invariably the question comes, why. Why, is because in 3 weeks, you will have had the ability to change any mistake that you think I would have made. Yes, 3 weeks ! That’s all you get. That being said, what can you change about what you’ve done in the past, and can it be done in 3 weeks ? I’m not saying you need to complete the change in 3 weeks, I just use that line at work to spur my customers into making changes that they are accustomed to making while on the project. Sort of a “keeping the momentum going” idea.

Regardless, let’s say you want to make a change, what if you make it. Are you going to be happy with the results of that change and the new set of variables that have now been set in motion ? Almost a parallel universe type concept. Do you play out how a decision at one point if made differently would send you on a different path, one that is radically different than the one you are currently on. What about all the subsequent decisions after that point.


What if John Lennon had never picked up a guitar ? As I ask myself the what if question, I’m thinking that some could interpret the question as a mechanism to go and ‘correct’ past events. This wasn’t my intent in asking. This isn’t about regret. Is is about asking if you want to change the path you are currently on and take a new path. So for example, what if I went back to school and got my MBA ? How would my life change ? Would I have access to some different types of work or jobs that are currently not available to me bases on my current education level? Or would it be that due to the education I’d view the world a bit differently and it would be this difference in the way I think that would start to open up doors that I would not normally or previous been able to access ?

So, what if ?

What if you could do something different ?

What would it be ?

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