Here’s a question for you… Do you think you have a soulmate ?

A few years back, I had the fortune of working on a project where I got to see a number of people interact. We had some consultants that were veterans in the business and we had some newbies as well. So it was interesting to watch the veterans interact with the newbies. One evening at dinner, it was especially entertaining. The conversation with one of the newbies started with relationships. The newbie basically said how he was interested in both the dentist and the dental assistant. One of the veteran consultants perked up and suggested that if he felt the same way about both ladies, then he shouldn’t “Settle” for the assistant, and instead he should go for the Dentist. Aim high is what he was told. Now that’s an amiable position to take. And don’t get me wrong, I understand this. However, this consultant is the type that was a corporate ladder climber. So it stood to reason that they would give this piece of advice. Through the remainder of the evening at that dinner, we found out more about the relationship that this veteran consultant had and at one point, I had to point out to this person the very obvious and hypocritical advice they provided, and that they in fact did “settle” for their mate. Hmmmmm. Do as I say, not what I do ? Needless to say that I was not as well liked at that point as I was at the beginning of the evening. Regardless I felt like I needed to point out the obvious.

Lemme asks you this…do you believe you have a soul mate? Ok let’s say you believe you have one, what about finding that person.

Honestly, Out of the 7 billion people (give or take a few million), on this planet,what do you think the likelihood is that you’ll truly find your soulmate ? Or, Are you settling for the best mix of what you find desirable ?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not here to question your relationship. I’m not here to tell you what to do, and I’m certainly not here to question your motives. Your relationship is yours and not for me to apply any sort of judgement what so ever.

Let me ask you first, what do you think a soulmate is ?
Honestly, I have no clear answer on what I think this is. I have seen couples that I thought were perfect for each other, thinking that they found their soulmate, only to discover that it was merely a facade, and that there was no substance underneath. I’ve also seen couples that seem unlikely yet they seem to have a healthier relationship than most. Go figure. Looks aren’t what they may appear.

But back to the soulmate question… Is a soulmate limited to just one person? Or better yet, how do you define a soulmate ? I know I’ve heard the talk of the ideal for a soulmate… That the second you meet them, you know them, and that it’s like they are the person that knows you inside and out… I need to pause here for a minute… Ah… Ya ! Sure. Do I sound skeptical ? Well you’re right. It’s not that I don’t believe it… Well in fact I don’t really believe it. Honestly if you want to offer up some proof, I’m perfectly willing to listen, but seriously… Someone that knows you inside and out upon first meeting. I would say that if they know all this about you… Maybe they have been stalking you. I’m just saying it sounds a bit far fetched for me is all.  But go ahead, prove me wrong.

Ok , I’m getting away from my subject. A soulmate, what is it ? Is it a matter of getting to know the person and then over a period of time, realize that they are all the things that you are interested in as well?
As I type this blog entry, I’m finding that it seems to be diverging on two paths. One being the ideal or utopia of a soulmate, with the instant connection.  And the second, being the more, traditional, meet, date, get to know the other person, have sex, move in together, and then let the relationship take a more natural course.  Could this be the definition of a soulmate ?

So what do you think ? Soulmate… Instant connection or traditional courtship  ??

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2 Responses to Soulmate

  1. Jodie says:

    Both. I was instantly connected to Marty. No idea why, just a feeling I got. Not sexual, just a feeling. We have grown together, not always easily, but learned to give and take, give love, receive love. There are days when he makes me crazy, moments when I might not like him, days when he makes me insanely happy, but not a single day, moment of a day, that I don’t love him completely.

    Soulmate? I don’t know what that is, but we are good together, very good.

  2. Sara says:

    I think the definition of a soulmate is different for every person. I have a great friend (a girl) that I consider a soulmate. I believe you can have more than one soulmate come in and out of your life. I don’t think it has anything to do with sex. Ron is my Love! My best friend! And a soulmate! Completely different definition of “soulmate” than I hold for my friend. Different relationships mean different things in your life. I don’t think any one definition can cover it. Just love the relationships for what they are.

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