Eyes Wide Open

Are your eyes wide open ?

I’m not asking for a physical description of what your eyes look like.  I know my somewhat slanted eyes are never really physically fully open.  I have my heritage to thank for that.  What I really mean is this… are you on the look out for things that inspire you; motivation you; make you look at things in a whole new light; or that give you idea on what can make you a better person.

Events in my life have really forced me to wipe my slate clean and start over again.  Questioning the norm and building up again.  But not building in the same way as the past.  I certainly do not want to repeat history.  I want to take from my experiences and learn from them.  However, I think its a valuable lesson to learn from not only your past, but also from what some others find inspirational.  Here is what I’m talking about… I recently came across a post by a friend and realized what I was looking at.  The article was titled “NURSE REVEALS TOP 5 REGRETS OF THE DYING“.

I read the article and each of the five points made in the article pretty much hit the mark with me.  Some points are more poignant than others.  But, as I try to rebuild or reinvent myself, or in your case, if you are looking for ways to improve.  This may be something you want to consider.  Back a few months ago I posted a blog entry called “Challenging the Status Quo“.  In this entry I posed a question that a good friend posed to me.  “What will you have regretted doing by the time you reach 80?”  Do you have an answer to this question ?  I do.  it’s called my Bucket List and yes, it’s a real list.  Do you have one ?  What are you doing to check off those items ?  Could the five points made above be on the list ?

I read a book a couple years back, it’s called “The Checklist Manifesto”.  An interesting book written by a Medical Doctor who applies the checklist to the medical field.  However, the underlying point of the book is that you can take a checklist and apply it to pretty much anything and everything.  Ideally this checklist was applied to repetitive type tasks, however, I see no reason why the same concept can’t be applied to everyday activities, even the non-repeating types.    For example, do you have an up to date will ?  If you don’t maybe its time you didn’t procrastinate about it and got it done.

So go ahead, make a To Do List, and go out there and get them done, and I’m not saying your To Do  List is “Get Groceries, Take out garbage, etc… ”  If part of your To Do List is, plan for how to check off #1 on your bucket list, or its even look at taking that course in College/Continuing Education/whatever that you’ve always had interest in.  What I want to ask you is this…. the items that are on your list of things to do, go out and start doing them.   The one thing I will ask of you… be true to yourself.  The Items that are on your Bucket List… are they there because you truely want to do them.  Or are they societal expectations that say you should do those things or is it influenced by other external factors ?

Let me draw a comparison for you.  I’ve been exceptionally fortunate in that I have been able to travel to Australia not once, but twice.  And when coming from Canada, that is a long ways to travel.  I’ve been to the Sydney Opera House on both trips.  Don’t get me wrong its a cool place to go, but after 60 minutes, 2 hours or whatever, you are going to say… yup… I’m done.  The part that became interesting to me was when we found out that there was a performance that one evening and it was the Sydney Philharmonic with some soloists.  That then became the highlight and the experience that made the trip to the Sydney Opera House memorable.

A number of years ago I had the fortune of meeting a doctor who had traveled throughout the world.  He invited me to his house, and on the first visit I was absolutely amazed at the number of items he had in his house.  These weren’t junky hording type items.  These were items that he collected from his travels.  All of the items had a story behind them.  He told me a number of stories about each of the items he had, and I was amazed at his exuberance for telling the story for each.  He loved reliving the experience.  In a way, my experiences are my stories too.

Ok, so as you read this, is your To Do List readily apparent on what you need or want to do ?  If it isn’t then, you may need some inspiration or a change of perspective.  Put that as the first thing to do on your To Do List.  Just make sure that you put create or check off items on your Bucket list too.

Create your list, understand what each of the items is on your list and why you want to do it or what experience you hope to gain from it, and more importantly, keep your eyes wide open for where that next experience will come from.  You never know where you’ll find it, and chances are… it’ll find you !

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