The power of music

music_notes_stock_by_blinkn-d3h9mpvOk, so I’m not one of those that has a music collection that one could spend a life time trying to listen to and still not get all the way thru it. Nor am I the type that is really outside what I call the ‘norm’ on music tastes. Trust me on this, it’s likely your music tastes are just as questionable as mine. I dare you to grab mine, or anyone else’s iPod and tell me that you would love all the music on it. See what I mean ! Hence my music tastes would fall into the ‘norm’ just as you would classify your music tastes.

In reality it doesn’t matter what you listen to. And, I honestly don’t care. What ever it is, it resonates with you. You listen to it because there is something about it that you like. You like it because it speaks to you, it tells you a story and it provides entertainment for you. It tells you stories, you associate with what you hear. Or it could be as simple as it has a good beat and rhythm. Whatever it is, I can assure you its just as personal to you as mine is to me.

I listen to a fair amount of music. When I’m at home, I like to have something playing. If only to have something in background. I may not be intently listening but I hear it. I also listen to whatever is loaded on my iPod/iPad. I also have Sirius sat radio as well. So even if I’m in the hotel room I have some type of music going.  And don’t forget the ever present internet radio stations.

I have some friends where they just cannot have a place that doesn’t have some type of music going. Then there are others that either don’t think to have something playing or just like the silence. What type are you ?

I’m not going to get into your preferences for music. I have my likes and they evolve/change over time. However there is one thing that I find true regardless of phase or music listening that I do. There are those songs that come along and it’s as if the artist wrote it for you, to describe you, and the exact thing that you’re thinking/feeling. Do you know what I mean by this?

Case and point, there are work weeks that are just brutal, it seems like I take 100 steps forward only to be pushed back 10,000. It seems that whenever I have one of those weeks, I’ll be listening to my iPod on the plane and the song that comes around is the Talking Heads – This must be the place (Naive Melody). So why do I single this song out… because of the lyrics.

Home is where I want to be
Pick me up and turn me round
I feel numb - born with a weak heart
(so i) guess i must be having fun
The less we say about it the better
Make it up as we go along
Feet on the ground
Head in the sky...

I think if you know what traveling for work is like and add that with a shitty work week, you can easily understand why I would associate with the above verse.

I get that there are songs that pretty much fit all of our emotional states. Almost like an emotional wardrobe of music. So let me ask you this… Do you play specific songs during specific emotional periods or do you prefer to have something more random (ie: radio) ?

I know that I definitely associate music to not only individuals, but also to specific events that have a memory for me. I know that I can remember events by what was playing in the background.

That being said, music for me does a number of things, it can sooth my soul when I need to be calm, it can get me charged up, or it can turn me introspective when I desire it. No matter what I need, I like how I can listen and hear messages in the lyrics. Some of the messages I can relate to and those messages then start to play a part in my life. One such message, I had mentioned in a previous post (Inspiration) how U2’s – Beautiful Day seemed appropriate at the time. And, in fact to me it still does “it’s a beautiful day – don’t let it get away”. I find that some songs will set the tone for your life. Others are better at describing how things are for a period of time, however long or short that time is. I know that a number of my Facebook posts are actually excepts of lyrics of songs. Something that I’m thinking at the time, or feeling. Music for me permeates pretty much my entire life. I seldom go anywhere without some type of music now. Of course with the technology, its so much easier to carry a music library with you. Regardless, the music does speak to me, I’m not sure that it tells me to do anything, but its more of friendship through association type of partner. What does music do for you ? Do you find that you associate with songs or are they simply there to be listened to and then forgotten ? Do you sing along to them ? I’m not just talking about in the car when you think that no one is watching, but other times, maybe you’re humming the tune as you ride the elevator with others. I know that I’ve been caught whistling as I walk down a hallway. How much does it affect your life ?

So what does music mean to you ?

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