What if ? (Part 2)

Do the series of events in your life make you wonder ?

Recently they have for me.  I’ve been having to ask myself “What if ?”

It’s really a simple question, but has some profound effects.  What if a decision that was made, or not made by you had a profound effect on the outcome of your life ?  or at least the path that your life has taken thus far ?

What if, you made a choice and later looked at that choice and realized that the series of events that lead you to this moment can all point back to some pivotal decisions that were/was made.  That single decision, that leaves you with a sense of asking the question of “What if ?”  The decision that was made has inextricably lead you to this very point in your life.  If the decision had gone the other way, you would be in a different place and be set onto a different path of events.

I’ll give you an example.  Almost 12 years ago, Janet and I went to the Humane Society.  We had been looking at houses at that point, and our search for the right place seemed almost hopeless.  We had viewed probably 50-60 houses.  Oddly enough, each of the places in a time span, had a cat in the house.  We decided to go to the humane society to take a “look”.  We hadn’t thought we’d come home with a cat, but low and behold, there was a frail, sweet, and every so loving little long haired girl.  Then named “Twister” but later became Puka.  She was the sweetest cat I’ve ever known and to this day I still think of her as my “Little Girl”.  I miss her dearly, and still think of her often.  The decisions that day, change my life forever.  The decision to go to the Humane Society, and the decision to take Puka and make her part of our family.  I had never imagined the change and impact she would have had on our life.  So back to my question, What if ?  What if we hadn’t gone to the humane society, what if we hadn’t seen Puka, or had selected her.  You get the point.

Again, I have to ask, What if ?  Think of those pivotal points in your life that have taken you down your life’s path.  That single or series of decisions you’ve made that has now set in motion a timeline of events that has lead you to this point.  What if you had made a choice opposite to what you chose ?

I get that it’s easy to look at the past and see the events unfold and you get to be a witness to some decisions that make you wonder.  I have often wondered if we are part of a much larger play and we are merely acting out a scene.  For example, Are we part of a grand plan or destined to do what has already been predetermined, or predestined ?  Or, what I like to think is that I have free will, or at least some control over my fate, or my future, or whatever you want to call it.  A sort of Free Will versus Fate argument.  I know, if you have been following my blogs, you will have seen me talk about Fate already.  So I’ll try not to rehash that point.

However, unlike in the What if – part 1 of this blog, where I asked you if you could change something about the past.  This blog I’m asking you if there is something that you can point to, some pivotal point that clearly alters your path of your life.  I’m betting there are more pivotal points in your life than you think.  I’m not going to belabor the discussion on parallel universes, or any of that theoretical crap.  Although I like to entertain the notion of it.  Its a fascinating concept to think that every decision could spawn a new path and a new series of events.  Anyway, back to the point at hand.

What are some of your pivotal decision points ?  What if you had made a different decision and set yourself on a different path.  Would you be happier with that decision, or do you think that you would have made corrections in that decision to come back to your current path ?  There in lies a good question.  Regardless of the decision, would we have eventually migrated back to the path we were destined to be on ?  Again it comes back to the Fate or Free Will discussion.  Should you take the red pill or the blue pill ?

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