What does this mean to you ?
I get that you can run to the dictionary and get the meaning of it. However, what does it provide for you ? Currently I’m sitting at 37,000 feet (or just over 7 miles high) and moving at 8 miles a minute, not an unusual occurrence for me. But because I fly so much, I tend to fly up front. Call it business class, executive class, first class, whatever. Regardless I tend to have a few drinks while I lavish in the extra space afforded to me only because I’m in the air so much that the airline actually takes pity on me. Don’t get me wrong I enjoy the comforts of being in the front of the plane. I think that it’s a nice luxury that has me paying for this in other ways. Anyways….

There is a certain intrigue I get from looking out the window after having had several drinks under my belt. The ideas tend to come fast and furious. I think that for me there is a love of geography, physics, process and engineering. I may sound a bit dweebish, but I’m ok with that. Seriously, there are methods (or processes) to what the flight attendants do, what the pilots do (ie: Checklists). I love looking out the window I get to try to figure out, where in the world I am. From a physics and engineering point of view, I get to look out and see that a metal wing bends and flexes with the turbulence and I still have no idea how this big hunk of metal is actually suspended in mid air. Yes, yes, yes… I understand that the wing creates lift, and that in order to gain lift you need thrust, etc… The whole physics piece, blah blah blah… I get it. It still find it fascinating though.

So with that background, I get a certain amount of enjoyment from being in the air. I also find that because I’m alone with my thoughts I start to gain a certain amount of clarity in my thoughts. I think it’s a combination of alcohol, altitude and clouds (as in looking down on the clouds/world). I also think that because I get an opportunity that not everyone has the chance to take advantage of; I get a fair or significant amount of time to ponder. I have had some people say to me that it’s such a waste of time. But I don’t view it as a complete waste of time. I find that it’s a good time for me to do a reset. This time on the flight allows me to gain some much needed and desired time to gain clarity, albeit perspective. Clarity in what you may ask ? Well, I think my easiest answer to that would be to say on pretty much anything and everything in my life. Clarity to think about the things going on in my life. Clarity to try to determine a direction for my life and to reassess where I’m at, and Clarity to plan the next steps.

If you had some time like this, what would you do ? Don’t get me wrong I don’t sit on every flight thinking about this. However, there are a few flights where I get this kind of time to ponder. What would you ponder about ?

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