I’ve heard this theme/phrase several times over the past couple of weeks.  When I start hearing a recurring theme over a short period of time,  I usually start to stand up and take notice of it.  I somehow feel that it’s someone’s way of telling me something I should be paying attention to (more on this in a bit).

The phrase I’ve heard numerous times over the past couple of weeks is “Give more than you receive”.  “If you give more than you receive, more will come back to you”.

I’ve seen examples of this, and I believe that for the most part its true.  I have to admit, I don’t know if I’ve actually given more than I’ve received.   I likely have, however, at the time I think I did what I needed to do because it was what was needed.  See I don’t really keep track of what I give to others.  I’m not talking just in monetary amounts, but I’m also talking about in kindness and thought.  Although, it’s difficult to put a measurement on those values.   I know that I’ve been helpful to those that I’ve worked with, I try to be the best friend possible to those of you who I call friends. I know I’m not always there for my friends.  In the past that’s been due to my work and travel schedule.  I’ll be working on getting better at this in the future.  But the point is to continue to give.  There are plenty of websites/blogs/people with varying degrees of advice on how to do this and what it should look like… In one example I have seen the break down as follows:

Necessities 55%; Investments 10%; Education 5%; Long Term 10%; Give 10%; Play 10%

I saw this break down based on monetary, but the same could hold true for your time.  Of which I think your time is a far more valuable commodity.

The break down is an interesting depiction of where you should be spending your money.  I  personally like the idea as it not only gives you a structure of where your money should be going, but also limits you in a way.  Maybe limit is not the proper term, but certainly if you are spending more on your necessities, does that mean you are living outside of your means, and if you are, then what are you not doing ? Giving, investing, getting educated ?  Remember this break down can be used for your time as well.  Which is definitely a lesson here for me.

As per my earlier comment, one thing that I’m certain of is this;  I am more attuned to the things going on around me.  I have seen too many instances of recurring themes and have seen that those recurring themes seem like they are messages to me.  Things I should be paying attention to, like your own internal Check Engine indicator.  I hate to use the fate concept, or divine plan argument but I can’t seem dispute it.  So I won’t, I’ll simply observe it and learn to recognize it, and keep it close.   I don’t know if you get Deja Vu, but for me,  (usually they are 5-20 second episodes), when this happens, it always makes me stop to think, what is going to happen next.  It takes me a minute to recollect what happened and if I’m in imminent danger.  But its the same idea here.  I keep hearing the same message/theme, maybe I should be listening and seeing the merit to the message.

Giving is a tough one too.  It means that you are going to make a sacrifice to help someone else, to help them be better.  At first its almost a case of taking inventory on what you currently have.  Are you truely fortunate ?  Do you have food, shelter, clothing ?  Are you able to do the things that you like ?  How much more do you need ?

I think at some point you need to decide… what is enough ?  enough savings, enough clothes, enough… well everything.  Likely you also need to start to figure out what you are willing to give away.  Freely.  For example, if I gave you $100 would you/ could you give $10 of it away ?  Now, what if I gave you $100,000, would you/ could you give $10,000 away…. Go ahead, answer that question honestly (it’s still the same ratio).

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