Where to next ?

I got to thinking about where to, and where to next…

What is the next move and how to initiate it ?

Do you know where you are going ?

I think that so many of us don’t.  We don’t have a clear understanding of what it is that we want, nor do we have an understanding of how to obtain it.  Some may argue that you don’t need to necessarily know how to obtain something simply by thinking deeply about it and visualizing it, then you should be able to obtain it.  I get that the first thing to understand about wanting something is visualizing it.  Visualizing what it would be like.  So for instance, if you always wanted a sports car.  Then visualize yourself driving it.  Think about it, and think not of how to get it, but think of how it’ll be yours.lamborghini-countach-ev_5_UEoNX_69

Think back, way back…  remember when you were a teen ?  I remember that time. I know I have recollections of what I dreamed about.  I remember having a very cool photo of a Lamborghini that I dreamed about (kinda like this one over here >>>).  If you are like me, then as a teen, what you dream about is likely material things.  Cars, motorcycles, or whatever.

I think that at some point in time, we start down the path, we are told about responsibilities.  Things such as a house/home, this material thing or that material thing, etc… We undertake those… to varying degrees of success and then at some point we get so caught up in the details of the responsibilities that we don’t ever come up for air.  We drown in the details.  We lose sight of those dream items, the things you thought you’d be able to obtain when you were in your youth.    We work the treadmill of a job/career until we realize that we’ve been doing it for ____ what exactly ?   Because society told you to ?  Because you wanted to, you felt you needed to ?  <insert your answer here>

Then, at some point in life there is a shift.  The materialist type things start to fade, and it becomes more the experience that one seeks.  This may or may not be the case for you… either way that’s ok.

However, for some the shift brings a change, some will shift to becoming more spiritual, for others its helping others directly, or via charity or education, or whatever.  I think that once you get over the basics (ie: food, shelter, clothing), you are really free to do whatever it is you like.  Free to live out your dreams and do what ever it is that you think is most beneficial to you or what ever you think is important.   I get that saving for retirement is one of those things that we are supposed to do.  And along those lines buying a house/home, having a family, etc, etc, etc…  and the expectation is to do all those things that are viewed as “Socially acceptable”.

So what would happen if you didn’t do the “Socially acceptable” things.  Well, likely you’d get called a maverick, or a loose cannon, or some other less than popular term.   If you are ok with that, then all the power to you.  Some are not and good for them for towing the party line for society.  Either way, its your call, do what’s right for you.  Regardless of where you are at, if you are a trying to get that next big promotion that will bump up your salary, that will get you that larger house, or more exotic vacation, or whatever it is that drives you.  Or if its a case of giving it all away in a fire sale and reverting back to a more simplistic existence or modest existence and doing the things that really make you happy, or somewhere in between.  Which ever direction or path you are on, the most important thing to remember is to be happy about it.

So let me come back to the question at the start of this… do you know where you are going ?  Where to next ?

What ever it is that you decide, go out and get it done.  Right now !

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