The killing of creativity…

What is it that you do to be creative ?

Do you have an outlet by which you can express yourself. I’m not saying you need to create pieces of artwork to be creative or to express yourself. You can express yourself through the things that you do. For example, you could go to yoga and be fucking awesome at it ! If this is your outlet, and it is a way in which you can express yourself, then do it !  You can do pretty much anything that you want to do as your outlet…. Although, I completely discourage if you are planning mass genocide, or anything along those lines though.

TynaThe main idea here is to have an outlet, and as an added bonus make sure that the outlet is not stagnant and is ever changing. Challenge yourself.  Do something a little different with your outlet.  If it’s yoga, then try different types of yoga, or go to a Pilates class, or next time you’re on vacation, try it on the beach, or on a hill side, or where ever you are.  Just keep trying different things… one thing may lead to another.

One thing that I see, pretty much day in and day out, is the killing of creativity. Where people will stifle their creativity to the point that they become dead inside. They lose the concept of being creative and thinking dynamically. In my opinion, and you are welcome to disagree with me on this is; You need to be creative and constantly looking at the world differently to see different points of view. You need to keep thinking about how to be creative and how to express that creativity.  Will everyone agree with this… I highly doubt it.  But what I see is, once people lose that ability to be creative with ideas, then they lose the ability to think outside of the norm.  I do think that like riding a bike, you can regain it with a little practice.  Thinking differently requires that you put aside your pride of your ego. Sometimes you need to stumble a few times before you get it right.  Look at it this way, the inventor(s) of WD-40 had 39 failures !  Good thing that person didn’t give up on attempt #35.


Should we have a society where everyone is an outside the box type of thinker, a revolutionary ? Maybe ?  Maybe not !  One argument is that there does need to be some balance inherit in the system.  If there were no line worker types, then we wouldn’t have cars, or most of the things that we take for granted as ‘basic necessities’. Don’t get me wrong, I am not criticizing or discriminating anyone here.  Everyone has their skills and their abilities and if they are comfortable and happy with those, then that is their prerogative.  Far be it for me to judge.

What I am saying is that challenging yourself to think different, then you will by the very nature of that, be different. And trust me, there is nothing wrong with being different.  This world would be a very boring place if no one was different.  So what ever it is that makes you, well… You.  Then go out and do that. Challenge yourself to be more you!  I know that sounds like a weird concept, but define what makes you, you, and then go do/be that !
As an added challenge, write down some of the attributes that make you different. You don’t have to share that list with any one, or if you want to share it with the world. I’m thinking that if you are different, people will know. If you are really different, People will be able to write that list for you.

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