According to who?

Are you normal ?


I don’t know if I’d call myself normal but I’m not sure if I’m the opposite either.  Either way I think of myself as different, and am actually quite proud to be different.
So, would you say that you fit into the mould ? Before you answer that question, don’t you think you should know what mould I’m talking about ? Or are you just assuming what mould I’m talking about. To be honest I have no idea what kind of mould I’m referring to. But wanted to set the stage for my other points.
I think it’s important to be unique. That said I don’t discourage you from being exactly the person you want to be. Seriously, it’s really all about what ever makes you happy.
I’m not sure if I’d call myself truely unique, but I know that I’m not normal. Call it different or call it unique, or call it whatever you like, it doesn’t really matter. Whatever it is, it makes you a one of a kind, and I’m all about celebrating those differences. It’s those difference that give our society a flavour to it. Without it, we’d be… Well, pretty much one of the collective.

I hear one word all the time… That word is “They”. “They said you have to do it this way”. “They want you to ….” Who are “They” anyway ? This word is something that I hear frequently, whether at work or elsewhere. I also challenge those who I’m conversing with to specify who “They” are. I try not to be a jerk about it, but I often throw down the challenge of defining “They”. And believe me, it’s not always easy to do. So you might say, why is it important to know who they are. One of the many reasons is that I think if you feel a certain way or have an opinion about something then you should know enough to define who “they” are. Is it your management chain that are making decisions you disagree with. Is it your MP who is not making your voice heard to the federal government. Usually the reason the “they” word is used is to voice some discontent. Are you afraid to name the assailant ? “They cannot make a decision!”. I’m not going to be the voice that tells you to stand up for what you believe in. That’s a voice that you’ll need to find within you. Go lead a revolution, or go walk the streets in protest if you choose. That’s up to you to define what you feel is necessary.

1984-movie-big-brotherHowever when I hear my friends and colleagues saying “they”, it almost sounds like there is this committee out there that you have to follow the rules otherwise “they” will know and will pass judgement. Kind of a big brother type of oppression.

I think that for me, the most awkward years of my life were during high school… the years when I didn’t have a clear sense of self and I was constantly seeking the approval of others, insecurities, I guess those are typical teen years. I’d never want to live that part of my life again. I find that as I’ve grown, and am now comfortable in my own skin. I find that I care less about what others think (Everyone will judge you, but who cares?) and more about how I’m taking care of me and the ones I love. I am on a personal mission to severely limit the usage of the word “They” from my vocabulary. I’m thinking that I don’t care what “they” think. I care what I think. If “they” is some sort of committee, I’m out ! If “they” is some type of big brother, then feel free to watch and judge, I don’t really care.

Regardless of what “They” think, what do you think ? Do you need to justify or rationalize your thoughts and ideas to others, or the way you act ? Does it matter that you are different than others ? cat-in-the-hat

Just remember… “Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.” – Theodor Seuss Geisel (aka: Dr. Suess)

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