What ever happened to….

There are always a number of different ways to look at things, there are different ways to staircase-man-dog
approach a problem and an almost limitless number of ways to solve any given problem.  The one interesting thing I find in my work is that I constantly deal with folks that have a very narrow approach to solving or viewing any one issue.  Well, that is the way I see it anyway.  In light of the limited amount of communication that I receive from those individuals (both verbal and non-verbal), there seems to be this void of creativity.  Maybe it’s not a matter of being creative, but for me, it’s always looking for a different way.  I get that sometimes it just takes some observation and a bit of concentration to achieve this.  I also get that some people feel that instead of saying something, saying even half a composed thought, would rather stay silent, for fear of being ridiculed.  That aside…

I think for me, it all started when I looked at things differently.  I looked at them differently because I didn’t necessarily believe everything that was handed to me.  Don’t get me wrong here I do trust people, but there is a bit of defiance or just plain old stubbornness in me that drives me to do things a little bit differently than the norm.   I get there are some that will immediately believe whatever it is that they see or is handed to them… well, someone typed it, it must be true, right ?  Maybe to the author !  However,  I prefer to make up my own mind about things, thank you very much !  I really don’t do it to be stubborn either, but I’m sure that some of my friends will think otherwise.

One thing I do see is that, more often, people will just take whatever is in front of them.  I don’t know why it is changing, but I’m definitely seeing a pattern.  More and more, I’m seeing that some will immediately take what is in front of them for truth.  I think there are a number of reasons for this… our lifestyles, and the ever present need to try to compress more and more into an already busy day.  A day that sees us rushing from one task to another, often times getting interupted (multiple times) along the way.  Hence if someone presents a compelling or even logical explanation, you can take their opinion at face value.  And don’t get me wrong… not everyone in this world is out to screw you, but certainly there are a few.  But I also think that it’s the easy way out too.  Hence the, ‘I really don’t want to form an opinion on this, and I don’t necessarily want to have to research the topic, when in reality… I don’t give a shit about it that much’ attitude.   In a recent conversation I had with my dad, I asked him his opinion on this teacher that was getting fired for giving out a zero for a mark.  It was on the front page of the newspaper… The article went into details about the teachers large number of years of service, how he was close to retirement, how he was going to be fired for doing this, and even though the school policy was to not give out zero, and school grade-fail
and the schools system and how they are focused on raising the students self-esteem, etc <insert all the politically correct crap in here that you want, and any other opinion you want about it… and cue P.C. outrage in 3, 2, 1…>  My dad, being a retired teacher simply responded to me.  “The teacher knew the policy and decided to go against it anyways”.  Yup, let’s wade through all the bullshit, and call a spade a spade on this one !  Good call Dad !  I get that there are times to be a hero, and then there are times when you so firmly believe that something has to be done.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m completely for people standing up and doing something that they believe is right. But clearly this teacher understood the ramifications of his actions.  I’m behind this teacher, but kind of in an underdog sort of way

So what ever happened to just saying what you think and believing what you think ?

One reason why I think that some people don’t communicate their ideas or their opinions is that they don’t want to be made fun of, or feel that their opinions don’t matter.  Maybe they are simply private and don’t really feel like letting others in, or maybe its a case that their opinions are personal and don’t want to share those.  Whatever it is, I encourage everyone to express their interests.  I find that the sharing of interests or opinions can often lead you to thinking about things, not only differently, but also things that maybe you hadn’t considered.  I admit that I have some friends where their ideas are simply that… Theirs !  But it’s the difference in the ideals that makes us unique.  In it’s simplest form, it’s the small amount of electricity generated between your ears, that separates you and makes you unique amongst everyone else…  Here’s to celebrating those electrical pathways.

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