…and it’s from the mistakes that the really interesting things happen

Ok, so tell me this… think back… what do you think has been your biggest failure ?

Ya, I get it. Not the thing you want to think about.  Nor is it likely something you want to dwell on.  So tell me, what happened after this epic failure ?  Or don’t tell me…

I’m betting that it was something fairly large.  I’d go so far as to say, life changing.  Agree ?

So whether or not you want to agree with me on this one.  Likely every failure you have encountered, every mistake you’ve ever made, you have likely rebounded from that failure to move on to something much grander.  I can tell you that every single failure in my life has lead me to something bigger and better than before.  It’s almost like fate is giving you a kick in the ass, to say, get moving, and if you aren’t moving fast enough or in the right direction, then fate will throw a road block in front of you to make you do something better or different.   I’m using fate as an example, don’t get me wrong I’m not a strong believer in fate.  So call it what you will, fate, faith, divine intervention or just dumb luck.  Pick whatever works for you.

It’s my opinion that your failures don’t define you.  It’s what you do after you fail that defines you and your character.  After you dust yourself off, assess the damage, dust off your pride, and gather yourself.  What comes next is the truely remarkable part.  You look at what happened.  Maybe you think to yourself “How did it all go so sideways?”  As I hear in my yoga class, falling out of a posture is normal, its what you do after you fall out.  In other words, get right back in and try again.  Failing is just part of life.  Mistakes are a part of Life.  Did you think that early hominids were able to hunt successfully every time.  I doubt it.  But they learned from their mistakes, they figured out how to do it better, and eventually with enough attempts they had successes.  I can say that reassuringly because otherwise I wouldn’t be here now speaking to you.  They figured it out by learning from their mistakes.  The old Trial and Error method.

So what have you learned from your mistakes ?  Do you make mistakes ?

I would argue that if you aren’t making mistakes, then you aren’t really living.

Oh !!!! There’s a statement that will not be liked by everyone.  However, if you aren’t making mistakes, then you likely are not taking any risks either.  Taking risks, puts you out there.  Beyond your flexibility, beyond your comfort zone.  It’s the taking of risks is where you make mistakes, and its your mistakes and what you do after those mistakes that you really begin to learn…

And it’s from the mistakes that the really interesting things happen.

What mistake do you want to make in order have something really interesting happen ?

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